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We offer multiple programs with different options. Click on the following links to read details and sign up information for the program that suits your needs:

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SUMMER PROGRAM - Description of Training Packages

SUMMER PROGRAM (Ages 9-10) - Schedule, Details and Sign Up

SUMMER PROGRAM (Ages 11-13) - Schedule, Details and Sign Up

SUMMER PROGRAM (Ages 14-17) - Schedule, Details and Sign Up

SUMMER PROGRAM (Ages 18+) - Schedule, Details and Sign Up


SPRING MITE CAMP (AGES 6-8) - Schedue, Details and Sign Up




Required reading for BYG parents & athletes: Concussion Information Sheet

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  • "Best money we've spent on a hockey program! Build Your Game is the first hockey camp where I really saw a significant improvement in the performance of my son's game. Nick's shooting and stick-handling skills were the most dramatically improved. I believe Build Your Game is so successful because Dave is such a good instructor. He works in small groups with the players and is very good at observing the strengths and weakness of each individual, and tailoring instruction accordingly. In my opinion, this is why Build Your Game is so effective, and other programs are not. 
    - Bruce Hill, parent
    Build Your Game customer

  • "My son, Sam, has been working with Dave for 3 years. After the first summer working with Build Your Game Sam moved up to being a starter on Varsity. The following year he finished 28th in scoring in his conference, and this year he was 5th in scoring in the state prior to a season ending injury. I like that Dave works the kids hard. He connects with the kids and talks to them on a level that they can relate to. That’s why they make so much progress. Sam loves it and always wants to go back. Previously, Sam had worked with Acceleration Minnesota. He hated it and I was not happy with the cost of the program. The money I spend with Build Your Game is much better spent. It’s the best value in hockey training I’ve ever come across. If you want the best, you're here." 
    - Chuck Wilcyx, parent
    Build Your Game customer